Taunton and District Mahjong Club

For Sale

We have a numbers of Mah Jong related items for sale.

The Game of Mah Jong ------- Max Robertson

              Available from Ken Hague and Mary Kelsey at a price of 10.00 each.
              Ken Hague(01823 339904)kandahague@freeuk.com     Mary Kelsey(01823 668618)mahjong@btinternet.com

Quality Mah Jong racks ----- especially made for us.

              Available from Ken Hague at a price of 44.00 for a set of four racks.
              Ken Hague(01823 339904) kandahague@freeuk.com

Plastic Mah Jong sets ----- Budget prices.

              Available from Ken Hague from 30.00 per set.
              Ken Hague(01823 339904)kandahague@freeuk.com

Older type Mah Jong sets ---- Prices vary.(Depending on condition of set and box. Can be from approx 50.00 to well over 100.00)

             Available from Mary Kelsey
              Mary Kelsey(01823 668618) mahjong@btinternet.com

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